Al-wehda Center

Our Target is to provide excellent treatment & fulfilling the needs of our patients with the latest technology in dentistry. We are up to date with the latest in techniques in our field.

It was before a private clinic& with increasing demands and dental development in Qatar in becomes a dental center with specialist in major dental fields.

It includes 9 dental clinics, one special clinic for children &one for ladies

 The Services we Provide:

- Orthodontics.

- Installation of ceramic cobalt (Hollywood Smile) - GlamSmile - LumineerSmile

- Cosmetic dentestry 

-  dental fillings.

- Teeth whitening.

- Laser treatments

- Dental implants and bone grafts.

- Dental surgery, tooth extraction.

- T.M.J. Disorder

- Treatment of gums and mouth diseases.

- Early detection of mouth tumors

-  Root canal Treatments 

- Treatment of children's teeth.

- Preventive treatments.

- X-ray three-dimensional.

Al-wehda center video

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